Construction is one of the world's largest but also most inefficient and wasteful industries. There are estimates that nearly 20% of every construction project  is rework. The problem of waste and rework is so widespread that the industry on average operates on a 1~2% margin. The root of this problem stems from the fact that the construction industry is still relying on tools and processes developed over 100 years ago to tackle the problems of today. 


At Scaled Robotics we are rethinking the entire construction process. Our mission is to modernize construction with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, thereby creating a manufacturing process that is lean, efficient and cost-effective.

We are right now putting robots in the field with the support of our partners at AF Gruppen, Dura Vermeer, Kier and others. We are also taking our message to the wider construction sector, backed by industry partners at Autodesk ADN and our principal investor PERI.


Automated Construction Verification

With scans from traditional laser scanners, we can verify the quality of your build providing you with high precision information to localize mistakes and prevent costly errors.

Automated Progress Monitoring

Our site monitoring robot helps you track the progress of your construction project and provides actionable information for site managers to prevent costly errors.





If you would like more information about Scaled Robotics, are interested in deploying our technology or want to join the team please get in contact.

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